Fondation FondaMental Suisse is organising a workshop on 4 October 2019 at Campus Biotech in collaboration with Synapsy. By bringing together high-level Swiss and French researchers/clinicians in the field of psychiatry, the aim is to facilitate their joint work and transnational collaborations for the implementation of “seed research” projects on the following innovative themes:

  • ADHD/neurofeedback
  • Immunology/microbiote/psychiatry
  • Neurofeedback/Neuroimaging bipolar disorder
  • Psychiatry and Stigmatisation
  • Repetitive behaviours/neurophysiology/basal ganglia
  • Schizophrenia/cognition/environment
  • Sleep/learning/anxiety

These projects will be the subject of an active fundraising campaign by the Foundation to obtain up to CHF 100,000 by project. These funds will have a “trigger” role, they aim in particular to allow the start of projects (i.e. the collection of preliminary data), making it easier to obtain larger state or private subsidies.
The objective of this day is therefore to encourage interaction between researchers and to create collaborative links, because our conviction is that mental health research will progress more quickly if the best and most innovative people are brought together, share their experiences and work together.