At the Neurospin Centre in Saclay near Paris, the MRI of the Iseult project, the most powerful in the world for imaging human beings to date, has revealed images 10 times more precise than its predecessors!

As traditional in neuroimaging, the first tests are carried out on fruits, a pumpkin in this case, and then we will gradually move on to the human brain, first healthy and pathological. Thanks to this human MRI scanner with unprecedented power (11.7 Teslas compared with 1.5 or 4 Teslas for conventional hospital MRI scanners), researchers will be able to study the anatomical and structural organisation of the brain in greater detail, to the great benefit of fundamental research, cognitive sciences and better understanding of brain pathologies.

The researchers of the “neuroimaging” project financed by the Foundation work on the platforms of this same Neurospin centre. Using MRI, they are studying markers of emotional regulation in a large sample of patients with bipolar disorder.

Thanks to the precision of the expected data and to these progress, there is great hope for improved diagnosis and treatments of many psychological pathologies.

Find out more about the CEA/Neurospin Iseult project (fr).

Source & visual: CEA, Neurospin.