The World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) and the report carried out in the suicide prevention service of the University Hospitals of Geneva are an opportunity to remind ourselves of the shocking WHO global figures: suicide is at the origin of one death every forty seconds (800,000 people every year), for every adult who commits suicide, there are probably more than twenty other attempts, it is the second cause of death among 15-29 year-olds. The collateral effects on family, friends, community and society cannot be minimised. In this context, prevention is essential: early detection and treatment of depression and alcohol-related disorders, follow-up of people who have already made an attempt, as well as psychosocial support at the community level are areas of intervention advocated by WHO in its report ‘Suicide prevention, the global state of emergency’.

The Fondation FondaMental Suisse’s research programme on suicidal behaviour focusses on three priorities: identifying risk factors, detecting high-risk subjects and preventing suicide. Concerning prevention, the focus is on mobile digital technologies (E-mental health) which constitute a powerful and concrete potential for innovation. The development of smartphone applications, for example, enables real-time, real-world assessments, predictions and interventions. This is what the project on the prevention of suicidal relapse after emergencies proposes. In addition to patients, who are at the heart of the system, this application/study plans to integrate the collaboration of scientists based in Geneva and Montpellier, as well as 8 emergency services in Switzerland and France. The researchers are ready and waiting for donor funding to start.