Fondation FondaMental Suisse has been created to be a facilitator in the service of researchers, so that they have the means to develop their ideas and focus on their research work.
The submission procedure is simple and light, with no deadlines, submissions are possible throughout the year, they are brief (3 pages) and feedback from the Selection Committee is fast.

How to apply

Created in 2015 in Geneva, Fondation FondaMental Suisse is dedicated solely to supporting international scientific cooperation on psychiatric diseases. The projects presented will therefore have as their final goal the development of personalised medicine in psychiatry.

We believe that international research exchanges and collaborations represent an added value and a guarantee of efficiency. The projects presented must therefore integrate the collaboration of a Swiss team associated with a team in France; with the possible participation of a team from Europe or elsewhere in the world. If your project meets the required eligibility criteria but you have not yet identified your international counterparts, the Foundation can help you get in touch by mobilising its network.

In all cases, project ‘pairs’ must be affiliated to a hospital, university or research institute.

The projects submitted must be in line with the scientific priorities chosen by the Foundation, namely: pathophysiology, therapeutic innovation, database sharing, e-health, immuno-psychiatry.

Our goal is to join forces so that new avenues of research can at last be opened up in psychiatry. Projects that focus on sharing know-how, interdisciplinarity and participatory innovations with patients will be considered in particular.

Content & modalities of support

All expenditure necessary for the implementation of the project is eligible a priori (equipment, salaries, operating costs, travel expenses, etc.), provided that it is in accordance with the rules specific to the managing institution of the researcher. If funding is obtained, funds will be allocated to the applicant’s institution.

Irrespective of the amount, the financing will be paid in instalments. Payments will be subject to satisfactory progress reports required under the agreement to be signed with the Foundation.


The Foundation’s approach is based on flexibility. Projects can be submitted throughout the year. The Selection Committee undertakes to take a decision as soon as possible.

If a project is selected

One of the Foundation’s specificities lies in the fact that funding is generally requested on a case-by-case, tailor-made basis. Our sponsors are given the option  of financing all or part of the projects chosen by the Selection Committee. These projects will therefore be presented for financing by our fundraising team with all the confidentiality guarantees defined with the applicant. Depending on the case, researchers may be solicited from time to time during the fundraising process to present their project or to meet with funders.

The projects financed will be subject to scientific and budgetary monitoring throughout their implementation. For example, and depending on the projects these may include: conference calls, interim progress reports, final research report, general public summary, etc.

I am submitting a project

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