In 2019, Fondation FondaMental Suisse established a new type of project format, a type of pump-priming we call “seed projects”. This was a response to a recurring request from our teams, a researchers’ long-awaited need that will also promote the effectiveness of research funding. This therefore enables you to act as a trigger, allowing ideas, innovations or a novel scientific approach to be tested more quickly, by carrying out the necessary preliminary studies, such as the collection of pre-clinical data or pilot testing of new therapeutic devices for example. If these results are successful as proof of concept, the programmes will be continued and supported in the subsequent phases of their development. Together, we will be more effective in reducing suffering and improving the lives of patients, their families and loved ones. This pump-priming principle will make it possible to act more quickly but also on a wider range of psychiatric disorders and themes. The transnational cooperation projects are ready: these include neuromodulation, microbiota, environment, stigmatisation, sleep, anxiety, etc., with the selected studies focussing on priority areas essential for the improvement of mental health. Everyone at their own level can participate in this process and our team is always ready and at your disposal to present these projects to you and provide more information. “Psychiatric disorders, the leading cause of disability by 2020”. This was the prediction of the WHO in 2011. Here we are already. So much remains to be done. Join us!