A growing body of evidence indicates that patients who get sick with Covid-19 can suffer long-term physical and mental health consequences. These long-term effects are currently referred to as “post-Covid-19 syndrome” or “Long Covid.”

One in five Covid-19 patients suffer fatigue and cognitive impairments months after their initial diagnosis, according to new research published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. The study, which analysed data from tens of thousands of patients, also found that Covid-19 was associated with persistent inflammation.
Roger S. McIntyre, the corresponding author of the new study, mainly researches the neurobiological causes of cognitive impairment in individuals with mood disorders, such as depression.
Overview about the study « Fatigue and cognitive impairment in Post-Covid-19 Syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis » on PsyPost.

The inflammatory phenomenon in patients with mood and psychiatric disorders (related to Covid-19) was the subject of a collaborative study of Fondation Fondamental (France) and Fondation FondaMental Suisse, published in July 2021 in Translational Psychiatry (Nature group).

Sources & photo: Psypost, ScienceDirect, Brain, Behavior & Immunity.


Sources & illustration : Psypost, ScienceDirect, Brain, Behavior & Immunity.