At the RTFIN international conference, the Neurofeedback project team, funded by the Foundation, will present an abstract on the protocol of this study. Dr. Pauline Favre briefly summarizes the concept: “Given that there are currently few therapeutic options available to treat the residual symptoms of bipolar disorder (depression, anxiety, etc.), we plan to use neurofeedback and real-time functional imaging to train patients to control their brain activity in emotional situations. Specifically, patients participating in this study will have three sessions of functional MRI. During these sessions, images of emotional scenes will be presented to them and their brain response will be recorded and transmitted in real time as symbolic feedback (a thermometer). Thanks to this feedback, they will be able to learn to reduce the activity of the cerebral tonsil, a region strongly involved in emotions. We hypothesize that in the long term this training will allow patients to better regulate their emotions and thus reduce the intensity of residual symptoms”.

Abstract Ref: Pauline Favre, Nicolas Fernandez, Camille Piguet, Fabrice Poupon, Josselin Houenou. Real-time fMRI neurofeedback as treatment for intercritical mood symptoms in bipolar disorder : a randomized controlled trial. Real-time functional imaging and neurofeedback conference. Maastricht, December 2019.