As a reminder, the “eBipolar” telephone or tablet application was created as part of a joint research project between French and Swiss teams and concerns bipolar disorders. The objective is to improve patient follow-up by allowing patients to enter their data autonomously at the hospital or at home, to computerize and facilitate the management of the information collected. The analysis of the different items (emotion, functioning, lifestyle, observance, mood, anxiety, etc.) will make it possible to offer more personalized treatments.

In the last “interim report” on this project, we announced that the development and testing phases (including trials with patients) had been completed and the beginning of the “production launch”. The latter aims to ensure that the application complies with the high level of technical requirements associated with the hospital environment, particularly in terms of safety. This is on very good progress: the implementation of a secure and systematic acquisition of computerized questionnaires is being implemented with the HUG IT department and will be integrated into the HUG patient file in 2020. This is great news.