The collaboration between Geneva and Paris teams has led to the emergence of a translational project aimed at reducing the residual symptoms of patients with stabilized bipolar disorder, whose functional impact is very significant, even outside acute episodes of the disease.

Drs Camille Piguet and Pauline Favre, in collaboration with Pr Houenou and Pr Vuilleumier and Pr Van de Ville’s teams, have devised a project using neurofeedback in fMRI. This technique uses real-time analysis of neuroimaging data to give patients feedback on their brain activity and thus learn to control it to some extent. The idea is that by re-training the emotional regulation circuits, patients will be able to reduce the residual symptoms of bipolar disorder during the stability phases.

The first stage of this project requires a technological development that has been possible thanks to the support of Fondation FondaMental Suisse. The technical platform is being set up at Neurospin centre in Saclay where preliminary trials on healthy subjects will take place. The inclusion of the first patients is planned for early 2020.