The “eBipolar” telephone or tablet application was created as part of a joint research project between the French and Swiss teams, about bipolar disorders. The objective is to improve patient follow-up by allowing patients to enter their data autonomously in the hospital or at home, to computerize and facilitate the management of the information collected. The analysis of the different themes addressed (emotion, functioning, lifestyle, observance, mood, anxiety, etc.) should also make it possible to offer more personalized treatments.

The project is divided into 3 stages:

Development, which includes, among other things, application design, patient record management, questionnaire computerization, score calculation algorithms, database encryption of nominal data, and data tracking and synthesis graphics.

The test phase, which includes careful work on functionalities by data managers, trials with expert centre teams and a sample of patients.

The production start-up, which is the last phase, is essential because it is dedicated to transmitting the installation prerequisites to the IT services department and to installing the application and databases on the servers.

Today the development phase is completed. Unit and feature tests have been performed. The testing phase to ensure that the application complies with the project requirements is expected to start soon in Geneva.