Up to now, there has been no foundation in Switzerland to develop international scientific cooperation in psychiatry. In the field of mental health, major discoveries have been made in recent years, new diagnostic and treatment opportunities are within reach, but this requires a different, original, shared and interdisciplinary approach. Only close cooperation between the best specialists in research and care initiated at the international level will make it possible to make this shift towards personalised medicine in psychiatry: this is the ambition of Fondation FondaMental Suisse.

The “Fondation FondaMental” was created in 2007 in France, at the initiative of the French Ministry of Research. It has 4 objectives:

  • Promotion of research
  • Support for clinical research via a national network currently made up of 34 expert centres
  • Training of health professionals and all actors involved in mental health
  • Information for the general public.

The tremendous success of this venture highlighted the need to develop cooperation and focus on supporting and leading research involving the best specialists in their fields, wherever they come from.

Continuing the experience of “Fondation Fondamental” (in France), Fondation FondaMental Suisse was created in 2015 in Geneva, it has a unique objective:

  • Support for international scientific cooperation, initiated in the first place by the Franco-Swiss geographical and linguistic axis. The involvement of at least one Swiss team is the prerequisite for each collaborative project.

The two foundations therefore share a common ambition: to develop personalised medicine in psychiatry.
Their scientific strategies are identical: working to better understand the mechanisms of pathologies, developing tools to enable more accurate diagnosis and developing innovative treatments.
The research projects supported are convergent and, in all cases, complementary.

Yes, the supported projects must necessarily integrate the collaboration of a Swiss team associated with another team of researchers in France, Europe or elsewhere in the world. Such scientific cooperation must be in line with the Foundation’s programme.

Franco-Swiss collaborations, for example, make it possible to include much larger cohorts of patients in studies. Beyond sharing this essential clinical data, the teams also share their skills and best practices, the enrichment is mutual and the results are multiplied up.

The research conducted by Fondation FondaMental Suisse is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, and takes into account genetic, environmental, psychological and psychosocial factors. This complementarity implies that each discovery in mental health can have an impact not only on associated disciplines such as sociology, neurology, biology; but these interventions are also extended beyond the sick person, affecting the family, the socio-medical environment and education.

In addition, research results can also be used to improve treatments for disorders at the interface with other disciplines such as oncology or neurology, for diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. This horizontal dimension is extremely exciting.

Funding is paramount. High quality research projects are already selected, the research teams are ready, they are waiting for the resources to start. There are different ways to raise the necessary funds:

Become a donor: either a one-time donation or even better, make a recurrent donation. Every donation is important.

Donations & bequests are another opportunity to effectively support research.

A donation linked to the death of a family member We suggest that you specific in death announcements that you prefer donations to Fondation FondaMental Suisse in favour of mental health research rather than flowers or offerings. You can also send a collection made at the funeral ceremony.

Patronage & partnerships are aimed at structures that wish to associate their generosity with the fight against psychiatric illnesses.

Institutional donation: cooperation with companies via their CRS programme, with foundations, public utility funds, philanthropic trusts, with the authorities.

Social investment: makes it possible to link solidarity investment, charity & profitability. These funds are intended primarily for people who, on the one hand, have money to invest and, on the other hand, want to express their solidarity by supporting mental health research.

All donations received by the Foundation (excluding bank charges) are directly allocated to research, the operating costs being borne by two dedicated donors.