Her project aims to observe the effects of mindfulness meditation on brain activity and brain structure in adolescents.

“Adolescence is a period of great emotional responsiveness during which mental health is particularly fragile: the neural zones regulating stress and emotion are in full reorganisation (…). We hope that the results of this study will provide avenues for improving the mental health of adolescents while reducing, in the longer term, the onset of psychiatric disorders in adulthood” emphasises Dr. Camille Piguet, from the Faculty of Medicine of the UNIGE. She is leading this research alongside Dr. Paul Klauser (CHUV-UNIL) and Dr. Arnaud Merglen, paediatrician at the Faculty of Medicine of the UNIGE and at the HUG.

Camille Piguet is deeply involved in the Fondation FondaMental Suisse and is currently actively collaborating with Dr. Josselin Houenou at the Neurospin centre in France where they are conducting a cooperative neuroimaging project investigating markers of emotional regulation in bipolar disorders.

Read more about the 2018 Leenaards Foundation Award here.