Find an update on the actions and research projects conducted by FondaMental Switzerland in 2017 and those being prepared for 2018. A greetings card from the Foundation. Foundation's greetings card. Extract:


“Madam, Sir,
Dear friends,

Fondation FondaMental Suisse has just blown out its second candle: for 2 years, with Professors Marion Leboyer, Jean-Michel Aubry, Luc Mallet and with the help of the members of the Foundation Board we have been developing , day after day, in Geneva the first structure dedicated solely to international scientific cooperation on psychiatric diseases. 3 axes have been selected: discovering new diagnostic and prognostic tools, identifying personalised therapeutic strategies and developing e-health research.

In addition to the scientific strategy, we have also chosen to focus on cross-border collaboration that represents a unique potential for patients; research, when joint, is much more effective and this is illustrated by the first results we have obtained: the construction of a common biobank and the programmes on bipolar disorders are progressing, the benefits are already concrete. Connected tools for the prevention of suicidal behaviour, virtual reality to help treat OCD, autism & microbiota, new projects are being set up, others are about to start.

In this exceptionally dynamic context, donor support is of course essential. Helping Fondation FondaMental Suisse means joining in the dynamism of people who have come together to innovate and act. Finding new treatments to relieve the suffering of patients and those around them is a very ambitious challenge, but it is within reach. We often repeat this because it is so important: supporting FondaMental Switzerland means taking part in a rewarding adventure that concerns us all, because one in four people is affected. Supporting us is a responsible and effective investment, a gift and a hope you offer for the future of patients and their families. I thank you very warmly for your involvement with us and wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy and peaceful 2018. United together, we are stronger”.

David de Rothschild – President

“Madam, sir,
Dear friends,

First of all, I am happy to be able to share with you the progress and the first results of the research work funded by the Foundation, with concrete illustrations of what your support allows.

The common database and shared biobank are taking shape very satisfactorily: the competent authorities have recently validated the ethical protocol; the focus will now be on the analysis of data and samples obtained. The “imaging” project aims to study a large sample of MRI patients in Geneva and Paris to identify subtypes of bipolar disorders. Different criteria are being studied, such as the link with physical diseases or the level of childhood stress. Thanks to neuroimaging, several significant correlations between brain structures and clinical progression of symptoms have been identified, which should very soon lead to the identification of a new marker of emotional regulation; an abstract describing these advances was submitted for the annual conference of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (May 2018, New York).

In addition, new projects have been selected: as part of the “connected tools” axis, a smartphone application project aimed at reducing the risk of suicidal relapse was presented.  This project will involve several emergency services in France and Switzerland and volunteer patients who will participate in the design of the application. The EMPHASE project is focussed on the links between motivation, cognition and effort. By studying the mechanisms of adaptation, it will allow the implementation of a technological overview of connected objects and their development, an urgent need expressed by researchers; Adaptation will be the subject of a conference at the beginning of the year. Finally, on autism, French and Swiss teams are in contact to work together around three very innovative approaches: digitalisation & education, biomarkers, senses & learning, microbiota & probiotics.

The strength of our action relies on your generosity because, as you know, it is your support that makes it possible to initiate and sustain this research, to be able to activate new projects: on both sides of borders, teams are ready to combine their skills, to work together, to accelerate the progress so desperately needed by patients and their families. I wish you a very beautiful year, full of surprises, rich in encounters and discoveries. Thank you very much for your support”.

Professor Luc Mallet – Director