Fondation FondaMental Suisse has just celebrated its third anniversary and at the end of this year we are very happy to give you some very positive news.

(video in French)

First of all two of the ongoing projects: the joint biobank on bipolar disorders is now a reality. With its shared databases, Swiss and French researchers can already rely on an essential tool that will now be enriched and developed. The “eBipolar” project will enter the test phase in a few months, allowing better patient follow-up thanks to a smartphone application. The success of these 2 concrete examples illustrates the value of leveraging collaboration across borders to move research forward more quickly.

Simultaneously, the “Neurofeedback” project will begin soon: it will enable us to study, with the help of neuroimaging, how patients can learn to control their brain activity by visual feedback, in order to reduce their symptoms. A number of projects are still awaiting funding, each of them involving highly innovative approaches: connected tools for the prevention of suicidal behaviour, virtual and/or increased reality therapy to help treat OCD, immunology and microbiota to better understand autistic disorders and identify improved treatment techniques.

At the request of researchers we have decided to launch “Booster” projects in 2019, in parallel with the ongoing programmes. A pump-priming approach that will allow for the testing of ideas, intuitions, or setting up preliminary studies essential for the rapid completion of major projects. 2019 will also see the development of a new line of support for research on neuro-modulation therapies. These new approaches, available for many diseases, represent an unprecedented potential holding great promise.

Finding new treatments to relieve the suffering of patients and those around them is an ambitious challenge, it is within reach if we remain united. Thank you so much for your support, which makes change possible.

David de Rothschild, Board Members, Prof. Luc Mallet, researchers and Fondation FondaMental Suisse team wish you a happy holiday season and a generous and peaceful 2019.