The Foundation attaches particular importance to total transparency in its activities and accounting.

Integrity, efficiency & transparency

Fondation FondaMental Suisse was founded in November 2015 in Geneva. Together with the members of its Foundation Board, it attaches particular importance from the outset to total transparency in its activities and accounts, making open and efficient management of funds collected an absolute priority.

The Foundation has implemented a methodical management system based on good practice: with financial transparency as a management principle, it is committed to donors and is subject to the strictest controls. The auditors guarantee the accuracy of the accounts, the reliability and relevance of the information on the use of resources. The Foundation is vigilant in controlling its management and operating expenses, in a permanent concern for integrity and ethics. The financial statements are prepared by Berney & Associés, verified by CF Compagnie Fiduciaire, the statutory auditors, and are presented in full compliance with Swiss accounting standards.

Fondation FondaMental Suisse undertakes not to lend, exchange or sell any personal data communicated to it.

Source of funds

Fondation FondaMental Suisse is financed solely by the private sector, individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors.

Use of funds

All donations received by the Foundation (excluding bank charges) are entirely devoted to research. Furthermore, thanks to the generous involvement of two contributors who wish to remain anonymous, all management and operating costs of the Foundation are covered. Therefore 100% of donations are devoted to scientific programmes.

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