Founded in Geneva in 2015, Fondation FondaMental Suisse is the first Swiss structure dedicated solely to the support of scientific cooperation and international research into mental illnesses.

Our goal

is to improve the lives of patients and their families as quickly as possible by developing personalised medicine in psychiatry.

Our objective

is to open up new paths by sharing know-how, interdisciplinarity and participatory innovations.

Our vision

is based on dialogue between researchers, clinicians and patients. Patient participation is at the heart of our approach.

These are

to combine intelligence, skills and research at an international level to accelerate progress for the benefit of all.


We fund collaborative projects of Swiss teams with other teams around the world. By capitalising on the Franco-Swiss axis, the challenge is to share best practice: enrichment is mutual and results are multiplied up.

Because relying on international scientific cooperation represents a rare and unique potential

Because the level of research in Switzerland and France is excellent

Because the ambition of the research projects selected at this level necessarily goes beyond borders

Because together we’re stronger

Because the teams selected have complementary qualities and needs

Because the programmes to be funded are truly innovative

Because pairs of identified teams are ready to pool their knowledge and resources

Because patients must be at the heart of the process

Because progress and the benefits for patients are within reach

Exchanges between research teams

The mutual enrichment that openness and sharing of experience brings

The pooling of skills

The sharing of clinical data

Patient involvement

Everything is in place to speed up progress and quickly find new treatments.