We wanted a light and responsive structure. Funds are allotted directly to the projects, without any intermediaries. We have only one goal: to accelerate progress in research both for and with patients.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Ellen Frank

Pittsburgh University USA

Prof. David Kupfer

Pittsburgh University USA

Prof. Guy Goodwin

Oxford University UK

Prof. Patrice Boyer

European Brain Council Brussels

Prof. Pierre Magistretti

EPFL Switzerland

Foundation Board

Prof. Jean-Michel Aubry

University Hospitals of Geneva

David de Rothschild

President of Fondation FondaMental Suisse

Martine Brunschwig Graf

Former Member of Swiss Parliament

Alexander Dembitz

Compagny Director

Prof. Marion Leboyer

Henri Mondor University Hospital Paris Est Créteil

Elie Vannier

Peking University

Prof. Jean-Dominique Vassalli

University of Geneva

A word from the Director

We have brought together the best in each of field of expertise. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Foundation Board are prestigious personalities, with varied and complementary skills, who share ethical values and a desire for transparency. They have the knowledge, skills, and perspective to address critical strategic issues. Together, we are building a coherent, highly innovative and flexible scientific programme, in order to be able to adapt it to the continuous development of research. Efficiency and flexibility also guide the operational team, composed of two people.