Professor Guy Goodwin is one of the UK’s leading neuro-psychiatrists: he advanced his field considerably while at the University of Edinburgh and then at Oxford since 1996 where he holds the W. A. Handley Chair of psychiatry.

His background in neurophysiology and pharmacology makes him one of the leading researchers on mental illness: his research focusses on the functioning of emotion and memory; recently, neuroimaging has supported his pharmacological approach.

As a specialist in the application of neuroscience to the study of bipolar disorders, he was one of the first to observe the association between tissue loss in the hippocampus and memory deterioration, he has also worked extensively on the functioning of antidepressants.

In addition, Prof. Goodwin has been highly involved in developing the link between basic research and mental health by deploying programmes combining genetics, original medical imaging methods and pharmacology, for a better understanding of these diseases. He continues to make significant contributions and is the subject of numerous nominations including the MRC Clinical Fellowship Panel, NICE Working Group on Bipolar Disorders, and the Medical Research Council Advisory Board of the University of Oxford, once again illustrating his outstanding contribution to the development of Medicine and Psychiatry.