Professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, Ellen Frank first founded and directed the Depression Prevention Program at the renowned Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. For 30 years, she and her collaborators have been exploring new research avenues to better understand mood changes, anxiety and eating disorders, and more specifically the consequences of sleep and circadian rhythms on treatment responses.

She developed the IPSRT, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, a now widely accepted treatment programme, which emphasies the maintenance of a regular life pattern, daily activities and stability in personal relationships as an effective therapy for bipolar disorder. More recently she co-founded HealthRythms, a start-up company specialising in mobile technology for mood disorders.

Ellen Frank was Chair of the US Food & Drug Administration Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Panel and the US National Advisory Mental Health Council. She has been involved with the American Psychiatric Association Mood Disorders Working Group of the DMS-5 of which she is an honorary member. In 1999, Prof. Frank was elected to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine.